We are proud of our succesful family business
Addis Alem is located about 50 km west from Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. The literal translation of Addis Alem is 'new world'. In these Ethiopian highlands 2100 meter above sealevel you will find the Linssen Roses nursery. Due to the relatively cool climate and many sunshine hours we grow qualitatively better roses than Dutch roses. You can choose from 20 different types of roses in magnificent colours. We supply them according to your specifications, the possibilities are endless.

Linssen Roses; reliable, sustainable and social.

Nursery completely in own management to ensure excellent quality and service.
Uniquely we manage the nursery in Ethiopia and the sales in The Netherlands ourselves. Therefore we are able to offer our customers a very high level of service and quality. One of us is always present on the nursery in Ethiopia. Our close family ties and cooperation ensure the top-quality of our roses.

You speak to us directly
The direct contact with us makes clear where the roses come from and where you need to go in case of problems.Our short lines of communication enable us to solve any problem swiftly. Where does the problem come from and how can we solve it as soon as possible?

Do you want to be assured of top-quality roses? Please contact us with no obligation and learn about the numerous possibilities.